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The Celestial Speck

Relax. Your speck drifts through space: just guide it.


  • Click/press and drag anywhere on the screen to steer
  • Click/press the slider to change speed/reverse
  • Click/press the speck to stop floating

Known Bugs (1.12):

  • Reversing may cause momentum to become flipped in the horizontal axis. It will appear as though the speck is more difficult to control/resists being guided.

Future development

This is a work-in-progress conceptual prototype intended to demonstrate an idea. Future development plans include;

  • More evolution possibilities (e.g. planet with/without life, moon, comet, black hole, planetary system, galaxy)
  • Ability to switch between controlling various objects during a single game (e.g. control individual specks and celestials, systems and galaxies)
  • Chemistry interactions
  • Enter an orbit
  • Earn special events (e.g. trigger an asteroid to knock something out of orbit)
  • Physically accurate scales (e.g. mass, speed, energy, temperature, size)
  • Larger areas
  • Improved animations and graphics
  • Improved UI


  • The downloadable files contain a typo; "Celestial" is incorrectly spelled "Cellestial".

Any feedback and comments are appreciated.

Install instructions

For Android: download the APK and install with developer mode enabled (https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-install-apps-outside-of-google-play/)

For Windows: download the appropriate zip (32bit or 64bit), unzip and run the .exe file.


The_Cellestial_Speck_1.12.apk 35 MB
WIN64_The_Cellestial_Speck_1.2.zip 30 MB
WIN32_The_Cellestial_Speck_1.2.zip 29 MB

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